Design like a pro

Design like a pro

Design like a pro

Designing your own MyBeadBar necklace is fun, fast and easy.... Here are some tips and tricks to get you started.

You might be wondering…
With SO many gorgeous beads to choose from, where do I even start? Sometimes a "blank page" or a blank necklace in this case is the hardest part of a project. Choosing that first bead can seem daunting and once you do choose a bead what beads go with it? When designing your own necklace there are no right or wrong answers. Color is as personal and unique as your finger print but here are some tips and tricks to jumpstart your design process.

Inspiration can start from a photo you love

Sometimes the best place to start is not in MyBeadBar app but with a photo you love. It could be a photo from a trip of a beautiful sunset, a close up of a bouquet of flowers, a city scape of tall buildings. The subject of the photo is less important. Look for photos with colors that appeal to your sense of style. A bright colourful image may be playful and joyous, Neutral warm colors may give you a sense of serenity and comfort. Blues and greens elicit a feeling of new beginnings and spring. Reds may create a sense of drama and energy. Black and white create a modern rhythm of syncopated patterns. You don't have to be a great photographer. Images can be found in books and magazines and of course the internet. I find a ton of great images on

Now it's time to play!

Once you have settled on an image or two that you really like, it's time to take it digital and play. In the MyBeadBar App you will find several styles options from nine beads on a leather to a single bead with a tassel. Select the style of necklace that you would like. This will bring you to a widow with the necklace and five palettes of beads. Use the photo to match up to the beads. Loving a multi color photo, look towards the multi color palettes, lots of blues and greens in your pic, scroll to the blues and greens palette. With the MyBeadBar app you are never limited to only selecting beads from one palette.

Choosing beads

Choosing beads is quick, easy and fun and the best thing is you can keep playing with the combinations until you have a winner! Start by using your cursor to select a bead on the necklace. When you hover your cursor over the bead and click it will glow red. With the bead selected you can click on a bead in the palette. I like to start with the center bead, it is usually the focus of the necklace. I might select a fancy patterned bead for the center or focus my design on solid colored beads. To complete my design I simply continue to select beads on the necklace to make them active then choose a bead from the palette. Keep the design sweet and simple or go wild with dots and stripes. Need a quick how to use MyBeadBar app check out the video at the bottom of this page.

When you are designing your necklace don't forget that you can also choose the leather color. It may not seem like a big deal but changing that last little design detail can make a world of difference. To select the leather color you will have to scroll to the top of the palettes where there is a menu called LEATHER. Click on that and it will bring up a palette. Click on the different leather colors to change things up.

Voila! When you are happy with your choices simply add them to the cart. and check out. This will put all of your bead choices and leather colors in your cart. On the back end we get instructions of what beads goes where. We will string up your necklace, package it up pretty and ship it off to you.

Ready to play!

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